Telephony Solutions

Möbius works exclusively with Ericsson-LG across the UK delivering communication solutions to the mid-corporate market place.

About Ericsson-LG

Ericsson-LG is a joint venture company between Ericsson and LG Electronics, founded in July 2010.

The combination of two of the world’s largest technology companies delivers market leading communications solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Ericsson-LG empowers enterprise customers and telecommunications operators around the world, with a full range of cutting-edge wired, wireless and optical telecommunications and networking technologies.

With more than 10 million customers Worldwide, 25 years of experience in the UK and multiple awards for Research and Development within the technology arena Möbius and Ericsson-LG are uniquely positioned to deliver the latest telecommunications solutions fitting within a mid-corporate budget.

About Möbius and Telecoms

Möbius began life in 2010 as a Virtualisation and Cloud partner delivering VMware and Microsoft Solutions. With the advent of converged and unified communications all running as a Software Defined Service leveraging the capabilities of the VMware and HyperV clouds, working with Ericsson-LG we expanded and enhanced our skills.

Möbius is now positioned to not only deliver the communication solution from handsets and billing, but to design, supply and implement the hardware and cloud infrastructures required to support the solution.

We have worked hard to try to cut out the corporate waffle, tech spin, acronyms and general noise that often exists in the industry and focus on building great relationships with great customers who wish to work with the best possible technologies.