The maintenance lifecycle of a virtual environment consists of continuous monitoring & checking against best practices. But how can you be sure that you are monitoring the correct things, & that best practices haven’t changed since you last reviewed the configuration of your environment?


The Möbius Health Check service will perform a full configuration & usage review at the platform level of your Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere virtual environment & immediate supporting infrastructure (VM host servers, SAN, & storage network) highlighting hardware faults, deviation from vendor recommended best practices, resource constraint, & software & firmware revision updates.


Any highlighted issues can then be either rectified by your own support staff, or through Möbius Consultancy Services.


Should you not have a monitoring system, or be interested in the latest virtualisation specific monitoring solution, we can install a trial edition of the Veeam ONE monitoring & reporting tool as part of the health check service.


If you are about to roll out a new business critical service, have performed a major hardware or software upgrade, or just want the piece of mind that everything is running as it should we would recommend a health check.


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