This service is to help the expansion process to virtualise more physical servers & carefully place them in the existing environment, or to expand the existing virtual environment for a new service / application that will require extra resource.  Möbius plan the current & future scalable infrastructure with customised assessments and estimates the capacity planning that can be leveraged to offer high-value information for your data centre, to extend to resources that it really needs, nor more, no less.


Consolidation Expansion Estimates and Host Additions – Optimised for conducting sizing estimates of your data centre environment, expansion estimates provide guidance on what can be achieved via our virtualisation and consolidation assessments to add more hosts in the same service infrastructure.  Our consolidation estimates offer a simplified, guided workflow with a defined methodology to conduct more sizing and lead generation activity to be able to then add the hosts.


Capacity Extension Assessments & Host Additions – Conduct a deep-dive analysis into your IT environment. Capacity assessments provide a detailed roadmap on how to achieve the best to expand more hosts comfortably and efficiently, right sized. Into a new environment or one that needs resource.


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