Möbius creates an 'out-of-the-box' VDI Proof of Concept solution using Pivot3's R2S pCubed appliance, VMware Hoziron suite and Möbius' skills and experience to allow for your PoC to be deployed within days.

The decision to implement desktop virtualisation is always going to be complex. Moving from legacy PC environments to thin clients delivering the performance and management from the datacentre rather than the desktop not only impacts your IT department but also the users.


Being able to make an informed decision on the best processes and technologies to employ are critical. From Möbius' experience a critical step in the deployment of a successful desktop virtualisation project is in the implementation of a Proof of Concept.


Using Pivot3's vSTAC technology combined with VMware Horizon and Möbius' experience and skills to deliver a proof of concept provides an environment where your key applications, users and technologies can be fully tested.


The main aspects of the proof of concept are as follows:


  • Time allocated: 60 days (including implementation time)

  • Number of applications tested: 3 key applications / clients virtualised

  • Hardware deployed: Pivot3 pCubed solution, 12TB storage, 128GB memory

  • Software: VMware Horizon Suite, 60 day trial licenses

  • Consultancy: Möbius project management, design, and implementation delivered throughout the 60 day period

  • Support: Möbius telephone support provided throughout the 60 days



Throughout the proof of concept Möbius works closely with you and your users to collate all data, user feedback, and performance results. The outcome would be a design for the proposed Production Environment based on the real world proof of concept results.



Contact Möbius on enquiries@mobius.co.uk or contact Möbius Head of Virtualisation directly, Julian Learmonth, on 07702 085740 to discuss your requirements.

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