From our very first meeting we hope you see a real difference in how Möbius works with its customers.


As part of the service with every customer we offer a post-project telephone support service. This gives you direct access to the team of consultants who designed, configured and installed your environment with you. Who better to help support the on-going requirements of your environment?


The support line is there for you to call with any question, issue or problem that you may encounter. We commit to do our best to solve whatever the problem is for you. In many cases we would have experienced the situation in the past so can provide you with an immediate solution, in a number of cases we haven't seen the situation before so we replicate the environment within our test suite and then solve the problem ourselves before passing on the resolution to you. In rare cases we engage with VMware, Veeam or HP to find additional resources and support for you.


We provide an SLA of 2 hours for a 'known' technical consultant to call you back once we have received your call. Our average call back time in 2013 is under 30 minutes. We have NO automated phone systems so your call is answered by a human being and dealt with by the technical consultants that you have already worked with.

HP Silver Specialist Partner
IBM Business Partner
vmware Partner
Veeam Silver Partner
Microsoft Silver Partner
NetApp Silver Partner