Cloud & Virtualisation

Cloud & Virtualisation

On-Premise, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Integrate the Cloud into your Infrastructure with Möbius.

This is the core of Möbius’ skills, experiences and business. It is our heartbeat. Whether you wish to virtualise your servers, storage, desktops or communications. If you are looking for a private on-premise solution, redesign and reconfiguration of your existing solution, an efficient move towards a hybrid cloud solution or you are looking to go to a fully private cloud solution, we are able to provide our expertise.

Organisations are now relying more and more on Cloud to support their systems and processes. Cloud solutions can ultimately provide ease of management, cost savings and flexibility so the business benefits are clear.

To make the Cloud journey efficient, businesses need a strategy that works and evolves to a Hybrid solution which will ultimately provide a roadmap to a Private Cloud solution. Möbius working closely with leading industry vendors such as VMware, Microsoft, Veeam and AWS coupled with our deployment expertise can help ensure the greatest business benefits are gained from the journey.

Our ‘Structured Services Methodology’ enables us to understand your existing infrastructure and business challenges before delivering a solution that will exceed the business needs, within budget.

Möbius process and Cloud services includes the following:

  • Review existing infrastructure
  • Design a Cloud integration strategy
  • Build and virtualise to a Private Cloud
  • Proactive Solutions and Cloud Management
  • Enhance service delivery
  • Extend to Hybrid Cloud