Cloud and Hybrid – Futures

Cloud and Hybrid – Futures


Cloud and Hybrid - Futures

 Is the answer Office365, what about Azure, what does CSP mean to my business, how do I manage the more and more complex Microsoft licensing requirements? How does all of this impact my VMware environment, how do I build a solution that maximises my investment whilst at the same time leverages all the benefits of the Cloud?

So many questions…

Azure can provide enterprise level soluitions to your business via Microsoft’s global datacentres. You have the ability to extend your on-premise infrastructures and adopt the Cloud easily, therefore offering a choice as to where you run your business applications.

Office365 places your business’ key productivity applications in the Cloud. This releases the constraints of being sat at your desktop and provides true, efficient, mobile working.

VMware Cloud on AWS is an on-demand service that lets you run VMware vSphere-based applications on next generation AWS infrastructure. VMware Cloud on AWS is ideal for customers looking to migrate applications to the public cloud, develop entirely new applications, extend the capacity of their data centers for existing applications, consolidate on-premises data centers, or quickly provision development and test environments.

VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) to the AWS Cloud, which lets you move, run, and protect production applications at scale across operationally consistent VMware vSphere®-based private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. You can easily move your vSphere-based applications to AWS with support for vSphere vMotion and the ability to stretch your layer 2 networks from on-premises to VMware Cloud on AWS.

With VMware Cloud on AWS, you use the same VMware tools including vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and vCenter on-premises or in the AWS Cloud without having to purchase any new or custom hardware, rewrite applications, or modify your operating model. The service automatically provisions infrastructure and provides full VM compatibility and workload portability between your on-premises environments and the AWS Cloud.

Azure, Office365 and / or VMware on AWS maybe the answer to your current business challenges. We would certainly welcome the opportunity to discuss and debate these options with you, the impact each may have on your business, and to see if there is a mutual fit between our two companies.

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