Announcing vRealize Log Insight v8.6 and Log Insight Cloud

With our upcoming VMware vRealize Log Insight v8.6 and vRealize Log Insight Cloud releases  (available on-prem, SaaS, or part of your vRealize Cloud Universal subscription) we are excited to continuously improve and innovate centralized log management across your private, hybrid, and multi-clouds with new features like root cause analytics powered by AI, log partitions so no logs are left […]

What’s New in vRealize Operations 8.6

vRealize Operations has reinvented itself (again!) with the new release of vRealize Operations 8.6 and vRealize Operations Cloud. This release will provide an enhanced integration between vRealize Operations and vRealize Automation, an exciting new user interface for smoother navigation, new public cloud integrations, and much more that will deliver unified monitoring, visibility, and automation for […]

What’s New in vRealize True Visibility

It’s been an exciting first year for vRealize True Visibility Suite – celebrating the 1.0 launch, our 1-year anniversary at VMware and many new customers that have brought extensibility to their IT operations. And while those milestones were exciting it doesn’t compare to what was going on behind the scenes. This year we engaged with […]

What’s New in vRealize Suite: October 2021

Every organization develops and/or uses applications it needs to survive. These are called business-critical applications. If you don’t know what your organization’s business-critical applications are, just fill in the blank – “If our _______ application went down, it would be very bad for our business.” Effectively supporting these applications requires an intelligent IT infrastructure approach. […]

Introduction to the VMware Cloud Operating Model

This article will go into the details of VMware Cloud Operating Model for multi-cloud. VMware helps its customers to move into the direction of multi-cloud as the world of multi-cloud is becoming a reality for most enterprises today. Digital transformation is the key driver behind this journey to multi-cloud. Digital transformation drivers an increase in […]

Introducing Project Ensemble

Today we are excited to announce the tech preview of a transformational capability to the VMware vRealize Cloud Management portfolio. Project Ensemble will simplify and accelerate your journey to multi-cloud by uniting the different personas in an application-centric collaborative user interface. Project Ensemble will unify and strengthen our best-in-class multi-cloud management capabilities and support a […]

Announcing VMware vRealize Automation 8.6

Announcing new, exciting capabilities for VMware vRealize Automation 8.6. Scroll down to learn more! Today we are announcing VMware vRealize Automation 8.6, the latest release of VMware’s powerful and easy-to-use infrastructure automation platform. Designed to deliver self-service clouds, multi-cloud automation with governance, and DevOps-based infrastructure management and enhanced security, vRealize Automation will improve IT agility, […]

End-to-End vRealize Cloud Management Demos at VMworld 2021

VMworld 2021 is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for some great demo-heavy sessions, then you’re going to love this! We have been hard at work building end-to-end demonstrations of how vRealize Cloud Management and CloudHealth by VMware can help you take control and manage your many clouds. Regardless of whether you are […]

Constructing the perfect VMworld 2021 agenda

Getting ready for VMworld 2021?  Let’s talk about how to construct the perfect agenda (at least in my opinion). The vRealize Operations team has been anticipating and preparing for VMworld 2021 for months and we can’t believe we’re almost there! This year will be packed with opportunities to engage with your favorite vRealize experts and I […]

Top 5 Operations Management Sessions to see at VMworld 2021

Is it that time again already for another amazing VMworld?! Everyone at VMware has been hard at work creating the best content for VMworld 2021! Normally, I would give you my Top 5 recommendations to get the most out of VMworld if you are attending in person, but with everything this year being virtual it […]