Announcing General Availability of Cloud Automation Services

General Availability of Cloud Automation Services   The Cloud Automation Services, including Cloud Assembly, Service Broker and Code Stream are now generally available – Sign up for a free 30-day trial today! Our cloud automation services make it easy and efficient for IT and developers to get what they need to build and deploy applications. […]

CNRS renews their IT infrastructure with private cloud.

A fresh start to the new year Here we are in 2019! A new year means new resolutions to improve ourselves. While we may be going to the gym or watching videos on organizing our homes, businesses also dust themselves off and make improvements as time goes on. This month we will be looking at […]

Adopting vRSLCM-2.0’s Certificate Management for vRealize Products

vRealize Suite of Products support different certificates for different products. Managing certificates for all products in dev, testing, staging and prod environment will be difficult. Wouldn’t it be good if the certificates for all the products can be managed from a single application? This is where vRSLCM 2.0 comes into the picture. vRSLCM-2.0 introduces certificate […]

Announcing General Availability of vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum

vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum VMware vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum is now available for download! Cloud Management Platform with Intrinsic App Security As announced at VMworld 2018 in Barcelona, VMware is introducing vCloud Suite Platinum, VMware’s latest cloud management platform that helps IT enable developers to deliver VM and container-based applications with intrinsic security and consistent […]

What’s Your Issue? How to Use vRealize Operations Alerts

VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) 7.0 uses Badges as a way to evaluate objects. The three major badges it uses are Health, Risk, and Efficiency. As I’ve written previously, every VMware administrator needs to understand what comprises these badges, and how they are applied to the objects discovered within your stack. Badges summarize a lot of […]

Enhancements to Virtual Machine Memory Metrics in vRealize Operations

Memory metrics for Virtual Machines have changed in recent releases of vRealize Operations to make managing your SDDC better. In this blog, I will explain these changes to help you understand how they help you. To start things off, let’s define a couple of important metrics.   Active Memory By definition, Active Memory is the […]

Full Stack Monitoring for Hybrid Clouds using NetApp HCI and SolidFire

While Blue Medora provides monitoring data integrations for traditional data center compute platforms from Cisco, Dell EMC, HPE, and Lenovo, we have been expanding our footprint into converged and hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI). Recently we added support for NetApp HCI & SolidFire, including a new management pack for the VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) monitoring platform. Despite […]

PSPAK – Product Support Pack File (Way to add support for more Product Versions)

  It’s a proud moment to say that vRSLCM is now a well-known VMware’s product providing Life Cycle Management support for vRealize Suite of products including ‘vRealize Network Insight’ as of now. vRSLCM currently provides support for below listed products: vRealize Automation vRealize Operations Managers vRealize Log Insight vRealize Business for Cloud vRealize Network Insight […]

What’s New For vRealize Network Insight 4.0/Network Insight Service

Starting with the 4.0 release of Network Insight, VMware is providing support for VMware Cloud on AWS, including visibility into your configuration and flows for security planning.  Support for VMware Cloud on AWS is currently in Preview.  Additionally, Network Insight is expanding support for Cisco ASA, Cisco ACI, and BGP-EVPN.  Paths can now be traced […]

Monitoring Pivotal Cloud Foundry with VMware vRealize Operations Manager

So you’ve decided that you want to develop and deploy your applications cheaper and faster. I get it…there are numerous benefits to PaaS that allow your developers to quickly write and change modern applications, deploy them “as code”, all while maintaining the flexibility to operate infrastructure either on-prem or in the cloud. Pivotal Cloud Foundry […]