vRealize Log Insight and VMware Log Intelligence: Better Together

Credit to NICO GUERRERA for blog content (Bio Below)!   vRealize Log Insight 1.0 was released for general availability in 2013, and since then it has steadily grown in features, scale, and customer adoption. I have worked with customers who have deployed up to sixty nodes of Log Insight across multiple clusters and datacenters, ingesting hundreds […]

Decision Driven Provisioning with Anything as a Service (XaaS)

Decision Driven Provisioning with XaaS To me, the power of vRealize Automation has always been how easy it is to take square pegs and fit them into round holes. Generally this capability comes in the form of leveraging “Anything as a Service”, also known as XaaS. XaaS allows you to take any vRealize Orchestrator workflow, […]

Customizing request forms using the new Custom Forms

Custom Forms is a new future in vRA 7.4. They give you the opportunity to redesign and apply a new look and fill for vRA forms. They provide a rich set of features, such as the ability to re-order the components in the form, many different types of field validations, the ability to use generic components that […]

Introducing the vRealize Orchestrator Management Pack for vRealize Operations

Synergy is when two powerful products come together, the result is better than the sum of their abilities. That describes the newest management pack for vRealize Operations which provides access to vRealize Orchestrator workflows for more remediation actions and the ability to launch workflows directly from the vR Ops user interface. Customers have long known […]

vRealize Operations 6.7 – What’s new in Views

The latest vRealize Operations release brings many exciting new features including improvements to the views functionality. Two major enhancements were introduced, both of them regarding data configuration options  The two major changes we will be looking at in this post are: Cell coloring based on result value New metric transformations.   View Cell coloring Let’s start […]

What’s New in vRealize Operations 6.7 REST APIs

Calling all coders, scripters and automation nerds!  With the release of vRealize Operations 6.7 we have quite a few updates to the REST APIs.  The full list is attached at the bottom of this post, but I wanted to call out a few that are notable and helpful.  I get questions from customers, partners and […]

vRealize Automation with Infrastructure Blueprint – Configuring Multi-developer Environment

Written by Daniel Zilberman <dzilberman@vmware.com>   This blog is dedicated to step-by-step instructions on how to quickly configure a vRealize Automation content development environment using vRealize Automation blueprint that is available with the recent 7.4 release.  This blueprint deploys a vRealize Automation instance which is fully governed by vRA placement and governance including approvals and […]

vRealize Operations within vCenter Plugin

With the release of the latest version of vCenter 6.7 there is a new capability to help achieve self-driving operations from within your vCenter environment with vRealize Operations being at it’s core. This is the new vRealize Operations within vCenter plugin which provides 6 new dashboards directly in the vCenter UI. This plugin was added […]