On the road to digital transformation with VMware and Ford Motors

On the road to digital transformation with VMware and Ford Motors In this second part of our holiday transportation series, We take a look at Ford Motor company, and their path Digital Transformation. Dell and VMware have had a long standing relationship with Ford, […]

vCloud Suite Platinum Upgrade Promo

Attention all vSphere Enterprise Plus customers! VMware is announcing the vCloud Suite Platinum Upgrade Promo. For a limited time, upgrade your vSphere Enterprise Plus to vCloud Suite Platinum, and you can save 50% off the […]

Webinar: Automate Your Cloud Workloads with VMware Cloud Automation Services

ContentsInterested in learning how to automate consumption of multiple clouds?In this technical overview, our engineers will cover:VMware Speaker: Get Started! Interested in learning how to automate consumption of multiple clouds? Join us on December 17th at 12:00pm PST in an engineer-led deep-dive into Cloud Automation Services – the new, multi-cloud, developer-focused automation solution from VMware […]

Developing vRealize content with Visual Studio Code

The source code editor is a fundamental part of every software engineer’s life. Whether you are new to the field, or a black-belt ninja, you need the right one to do your magic. A good code editor makes you more efficient at writing code and assists you […]

How IQVIA aced their deployment with vRSLCM – a success story with vRSLCM

Contents   What does IQVIA customer have to say about vRSLCMHow customer got it right with vRSLCM: Many of us are using the health care services in various ways, and it has become essential for our life. Digital innovations have now made it possible for consumers to use mobile devices to access their medical information, […]

vRSLCM Audit – vRSLCM knows what you did last summer

                    vRSLCM 2.0 introduces the Audit feature, which enables vRSLCM to track user generated requests and map them to the corresponding users who had triggered these requests. The audit feature not only allows […]

vRSLCM for vRNI Bulk Import of Data Sources

Abstract: Data sources are critical components for vRNI. Upon enabling the data sources, vRNI then collects required metrics to achieve the vRNI functionalities. In vRSLCM 2.0, we have introduced ‘bulk import of data sources’ along with other vRNI life cycle management. As a single click, vRSLCM admin/user can upload the data sources in bulk and […]

Alaska Air is creating seamless workload mobility with vRealize Operations

Cloud Management in the world of transportation This holiday season, many of us will be traveling using the proverbial “Planes Trains and Automobiles”. Thinking about this fact, I became curious: how much does the transportation industry rely on VMware Cloud Management solutions? Turns out, […]

Cloud Automation Services – API First!

Did you know that the Cloud Management Business Unit’s approach to Cloud Automation Services is an API first approach? The concept of programmatic interaction with platforms is extremely common place in today’s growing landscape. […]