#vRealizeChat: We Asked the Experts; Here’s What They Said.

ContentsWelcome!Q1) What is #vRealize, and why is it important to you? #vRealizeChat (Link)Q2) Which new feature or update in the #vRealize portfolio are you most excited for and why? #vRealizeChat (Link)Q3) With the recent #vRealize updates, #Kubernetes is enhanced. Can you tell us more about this integration and the newest capabilities? #vRealizeChat (Link)Q4) Are there updates […]

Kubernetes Observability & Monitoring in the Cloud

As we’ve seen in the previous Kubernetes blog posts (part 1,2,3), more and more IT workloads are getting deployed using Kubernetes. Kubernetes has become the platform of choice for developers to create applications on top of. It is easy […]

Integrating vRealize Network Insight with VMware HCX

vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) and VMware HCX are a match made in migration-heaven. Use vRNI to discover and lay boundaries around the applications, plan out the migration, and determine the impact of network performance. Then HCX comes in and takes the application boundaries, groups them […]

‘Cloud Is’ – Part Six – Consumption Debt

Contents“Full stop!” I get a little defensive and ask, “what’s the problem?” “Can you tell me more about that? The reason you failed?” I ask. This is consumption debt in its most demoralizing form. Evenings, weekends, support calls, and integration headaches. Incompatibilities and version upgrades. You can call in all your favors and drill the […]

vRealize Operations and Log Insight at VMworld

ContentsvRealize Cloud Management sessions:vRealize Operations sessions:vRealize Log Insight sessions:Labs and more: Full hands-on labs…Quick lightning labs…   VMworld 2020 is the biggest VMworld yet, and our coverage of self-driving IT operations management is no exception. Join us September 29 – October 1, online and around the globe, to take advantage of this truly unique VMworld. […]

My Top 15 vRealize Operations Super Metrics

The real power of vRealize Operations is unlocked when custom contents (i.e.  dashboards, views and reports) are created for addressing specific use cases. But, the most common ask from customers is, “When do you need to create a custom dashboard or view or report and what are the best practices for achieving the best results?” […]

Not to Miss at VMworld 2020: Cloud Management Hands-on Labs

Don’t miss this opportunity to get close and personal with VMware vRealize Cloud Management products and services. If you are hands-on user who wants learn first hand about the newest releases, or further sharpen your existing skills through deep dive into different aspects of cloud management – check out the Hands-on Labs lineup available at […]

VMworld Online Around the Globe with vRealize Automation

ContentsRecommended vRealize Automation Sessions   Expert Roundtables   Hands-on Labs No one could’ve anticipated what COVID-19 would bring to the events world, let alone the world entirely. Due to the uncertain conditions, VMworld has moved to a digital format. This provides a unique opportunity for unlimited, free standard registration to make this year’s event the […]

Terraform Service in vRA ( Cloud Templates )

You probably are aware of the Terraform Provider for vRealize Automation 8 and Cloud and hopefully have read already Sam McGeown’s Blog about it, however with the latest August release for vRealize Automation Cloud ( and in the upcoming vRealize Automation 8.2 ) Terraform OSS becomes a first-class citizen in vRealize Automation. This means […]

How to Implement and Apply Network Automation Enterprise-wide

Network Automation for the Enterprise The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations in both private and public sectors globally to rethink the way they need to operate in the new normal.  As physical distancing has become part of life, organizations rely […]