The Cloud Operating Model

The Cloud Operating Model is a high-level representation of how an organization will deliver on its Cloud Strategy. It is a blueprint for organizing effectively to deliver the capabilities and outcomes required to deliver value through cloud services. […]

Evolving Towards Infrastructure-as-Code

Over the last couple of years IT Operations is on a journey to evolve infrastructure. This is needed to keep pace with the ever growing demands of the business. Especially developers are now asking for an “on […]

vRA 8 Action Placement Demystified

The new extensibility framework in vRA 8 called Action Based Extensibility (ABX) provides the ability to leverage FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) to write […]

Infrastructure as Code and vRealize Automation

Infrastructure as Code Infrastructure as Code is a concept that was created to solve the problems that are faced managing infrastructure in the “Cloud Age” by applying principles more often used in software development. Modern, cloud-like infrastructure is dynamic in nature and can lead to […]

Dell EMC VxRail Management Pack for vRealize Operations

With a joint development effort with the Dell EMC VxRail team, I’m very excited to share general availability of the VxRail MP for vRealize Operations.  The Dell EMC VxRail Management Pack for vRealize Operations provides a single, end-to-end view of […]

vExpert Cloud Management December 2019 Blog Digest

Every month we publish a digest of blogs created by our vExpert Cloud Management Community. These blogs are written by industry professionals from around the vCommunity and often feature walkthroughs, feature highlights, and news for vRealize Operations, vRealize Network Insight, and vRealize Log Insight. The vExpert title is awarded to individuals who dedicate their time outside […]

vRealize Network Insight Search Poster for Kubernetes

Continuing our Search Poster series, we’ve arrived at the Kubernetes Search Poster! Using the search engine inside VMware vRealize Network Insight can be a revealing experience. It has every single bit of data you ever wanted to see about anything in your infrastructure and it’s available at your fingertips. Because of the vast amount […]

Rightsizing VMs with vRealize Operations

ContentsRightsizingOversized VMsUndersized VMsCalculating Recommended SizeConservative Time Remaining Risk LevelAggressive Time Remaining Risk LevelRecommended Size LimitsHistorical DataPeaksCustom VM Rightsizing Details DashboardHow does vROps determine the recommended size for a VM?Which VMs are oversized?Which VMs are undersized?How do I justify the recommendation to the VM owner?What is the potential change to capacity if the VMs are rightsized?What […]