Getting Started with VMware Cloud Automation Services

On February 20th, we will be hosting another “Getting More out of VMware” webinar.  This one will be on how to get started with VMware Cloud Automation Services.  You won’t want to miss this one! In this webinar we will provide a quick overview of the VMware Cloud Automation Services (Service Broker, Cloud Assembly, and Code Stream), […]

Introducing Blueprint Expressions in Cloud Assembly

One of the core tenants of VMware Cloud Assembly is blueprint creation. Cloud Administrators will use Cloud Assembly to design their services not just in the graphical interface, but also directly editing the infrastructure as code. As customers discover the capabilities of VMware Cloud […]

Extracting Data From vRealize Operations with the REST APIs

A frequent request from the field and VMware customers is, “How can I get data out of vROps using the REST APIs?”  The reasons for this vary, but typically there is a desire to incorporate the metrics and properties from vROps with […]

Introducing GitLab Integration in Cloud Assembly

Cloud Assembly is the infrastructure, and platform provisioning component of VMware Cloud Automation services. Among many others, one of the key themes of a user interacting with Cloud Assembly is Blueprint authoring through not only the native design canvas, but directly through Infrastructure […]

Windows Cloud-Init solution

Windows Cloud-Init solution   Ten years ago the word Cloud was the buzz word in every IT conference. The Cloud promised to bring the modern IT business to a new level of opportunities. Back at that time I was […]

What Users Really Think About VMware vRealize Automation

Over the last year, VMware vRealize Automation has grown in popularity among enterprise tech professionals in the IT Central Station user community. vRealize Automation is ranked as a top cloud management tool, based on over one hundred user reviews from customers in a wide range of industries.     As the leading site for enterprise […]