The Future of HCI Ops

There is no denying that two irresistible forces are driving today’s—and tomorrow’s—use of information technology. First, software is key to driving business outcomes, both for staff productivity and communication, and for creating and exploiting competitive […]

Network Automation with Cloud Assembly and NSX – Part 4

The final blog in my series on network automation with Cloud Assembly and NSX will focus on creating on-demand load balancers, using existing load balancers, and reconfiguring load balancers after deployment.  I recommend going through part 1, part 2, and part 3 of this blog series if you’re new to Cloud Assembly.   On demand […]

Infoblox IPAM Integration with Cloud Assembly Overview

Cloud Assembly now includes integration with Infoblox IPAM solutions within your environment.  The IPAM feature is currently in beta and is fully accessible for use.  Once the integration configuration is complete, you are able to provision IP addresses using defined networks in Infoblox.  Assigned IP ranges from Infoblox are added and made available for deployments […]

Network Automation with Cloud Assembly and NSX – Part 3

Welcome back for part three of a four part series on Network Automation with Cloud Assembly and NSX.  In the previous two posts I covered how to setup Cloud Accounts, verify and configure your initial network profile, then showed how to create on-demand networks and use existing or provider networks.  For this post, I will […]

Operationalize Your HCI Data Center with vSAN ENT+

ContentsWhy Hyperconverged Infrastructure? VMware vSAN + vRealize OperationsWhat’s NewBetter Together I’m very excited to introduce the very new vSAN ENT+ hard bundle for your hyperconverged data center.   Better together, VMware vSAN v6.7 and vRealize Operations v7.5 makes it easy to manage your ‘day one’ and ‘day two’ HCI operations. This bundled release allows IT Admins to […]

Integrated Compliance Helps Manage Risk

Compliance and risk management are often looked at as the most onerous tasks in the oversight of any large system. Having spent the better part of 25 years in a mix of operations […]

VMware to Advance Network Monitoring with Acquisition of Veriflow

VMware to Advance Network Monitoring with Acquisition of Veriflow   By Ajay Singh Sr Vice President and General Manager Cloud Management BU, VMware   Enterprises are on a continuing quest to modernize and automate their networks across a heterogeneous set of devices. One challenge […]