Introducing the VxRail Management Pack for vRealize Operations

Right before VMworld San Francisco this year, we introduced the new vSAN ENT+ bundle for your HCI environments.  Better together,  vSAN and vRealize Operations made it easier to manage your ‘day one’ and ‘day two’ hyperconverged operations through self-driving features like:



Now, right as VMworld 2019 Europe in Barcelona is kicking off, I’m happy to announce we’re going to making it even better together with the upcoming Q4 FY20 release of the VxRail Management Pack for vRealize Operations!  Yea, I know what you’re thinking, we actually made HCI management even easier!


Gain Insights into Dell EMC VxRail HCI Clusters


This newest and upcoming management pack will collect VxRail events, vSAN metrics, configuration details, inventory, and relationship dependency mappings from the virtualization and infrastructure layer down to the vSAN layer for complete and pervasive visibility.


vRealize Operations will collect data and events from vCenter, create object relationships of the VxRail cluster in context of vSAN with an underlying physical infrastructure view.  You’ll be able to define default alerts and policies (existing events from your Dell EMC VxRail and PowerEdge servers), and create custom dashboard and reports.


Looks familiar right?  Manage and differentiate your vSAN clusters from your VxRail clusters.  You’ll get the same industry leading management capabilities for capacity overviews, VxRail operations overviews, and intelligent remediation across your stretched clusters.



Simple VxRail and vRealize Operations Integration


I would tell you how simple this is to integrate your VxRail HCI nodes into vROps but let me just show you (in 4 steps):


  1. Install VxRail Management Pack
  2. Add Account
  3. Select ‘VxRail Adapter’
  4. Provide VxRail Name and vCenter info



Yea…that’s all there really is to it.


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