Cloud Assembly Cloud Guardrails – The AWS Landing Zone Use Case.

With the arrival of the vRealize Automation Cloud May 2022 release, the foundation for a new governance capability known as Cloud Guardrails (currently in tech preview) has been introduced in Cloud Assembly. Tech Preview means that not all functionality and capabilities are currently available, but we are releasing incremental capabilities to gather your feedback. You’ll […]

ABA Bank Supports Top Mobile App with vRealize Suite

Show me an organization’s business strategy, and I’ll show you their application strategy. For Cambodia’s ABA Bank, for example, the urgency of remaining relevant to customers required embracing holistic digital transformation. Apps remain ever-increasingly the primary way organizations interact with their customers, and vice versa. Naturally, organizations wishing to succeed today must support agile development […]

Project Ensemble Deep Dive: A Modern User Interface

In this third blog in the Project Ensemble Deep Dive series, I will take you on a tour of the new user interface in development. In the first blog I discussed the API first approach for Project Ensemble and in the second blog you learned about the platform architecture. In both blogs, I discussed the […]

vRealize Automation Cloud – 05.22 Launch Update

vRealize Automation Cloud – 05.22 release is now generally available. Scroll down to learn more! For years, VMware has focused on supporting technology innovation driving critical business innovation. The demand for new application development had already been on the rise, but COVID-19 further accelerated this by amplifying the need for digital presence and a multi-cloud […]

A Technical Preview into Cloud Assembly’s Cloud Guardrails feature

With the arrival of the vRealize Automation Cloud May 2022 release, the foundation for a new governance capability known as Cloud Guardrails (currently in technical preview) has been introduced in Cloud Assembly. This is a new policy service that deploys policies through templates that monitor and manage the configuration, security, network, performance, and cost drift […]

Git Repository Integration in vRealize Orchestrator

If you have developed vRealize Orchestrator content, you might have had the need to have that vRealize Orchestrator content shared across different instances. In previous vRealize Orchestrator versions you might have done this by creating Packages, exporting them to your local machine and importing them to another desired vRealize Orchestrator instance. While that is still […]

The Latest with vRealize Network Insight Universal

As the team prepares for the latest in business, technology, and customer trends for VMware Explore which happens soon during August 29 to September 21, 2022, it will be great to share what’s new for vRealize Network Insight Universal. Now available is a new eBook and Infographic that explains the benefits of vRealize Network Insight […]

vExpert Cloud Management April 2022 Blog Digest

Every month, we gather blogs from members of the vExpert Cloud Management program and bring you a digest of all the latest happenings from around the community. These blogs are written by industry professionals and often feature walkthroughs, feature highlights, and news for vRealize Operations, vRealize Network Insight, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Automation, VMware Skyline, vRealize Automation StaltStack Config, and CloudHealth by VMware. The vExpert title […]

vRealize Automation for Dummies

COVID-19 has required worldwide organizations in both private and public sectors to reconsider the way they need to operate. The changes have encouraged organizations to rely more on digital services to engage with customers. Consequently, organizations need to provide innovative and compelling digital services at a faster pace, with security and consistency. This creates an […]

What’s New in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.8

Thanks to the hard work of our product managers and engineers we have another exciting release of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. Version 8.8 became generally available last week, and in this blog, I will explain some of the key updates you will want to know about. If you are not familiar with vRealize Suite Lifecycle […]