vRO development with TypeScript

Developing cloud automation using vRealize Automation (vRA) and vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) is quick and easy for small tasks. Complex projects with multiple software engineers, however, require additional mechanisms to ensure efficient development and code quality. PS CoE made a major leap forward in automating with vRO and vRA by enabling native JavaScript developer experience using tools such as IDE development, Git integration, […]

Using Host Rules with Business Intent in vRealize Operations 7.0

This blog post originally appeared on the blog of Brett Johnson, a Senior Consultant with VMware.  It is re-posted here with Brett’s permission.  You can follow Brett on Twitter @BrettJohnson008. vROPS 7.0 launched with a feature called Business Intent which controls workload placement based on vSphere tags Announcement. This feature tackles several use cases one being […]

Deep Dive into the vRealize Operations Capacity Management 

Deep Dive into the vRealize Operations Capacity Management To accurately serve your customers with their virtual machine needs, it is vital to ensure the continued usability and optimal performance of your infrastructure.  With the release of vRealize Operations 7.0, capacity management and planning has been improved to help you proactively address resource shortfalls. In this […]

Resetting vRA Access Policies via API

Many of us dealing with vRA have at least once been stuck in the situation where they are not able to log in due to bad configuration of the access policies or an identity provider not working. The frustration is enormous, because you start thinking about different ways to overcome the nasty error and finally […]

Customizing Cloud Assembly Deployments with Cloud-Init

Automation is great. We all love the idea of hitting a request button, and a few minutes having a resource (Virtual Machine in most cases) drop in our lap. It’s like magic! That being said, the magic wears off quickly when the machine isn’t actually useful. How do we make machines useful? Through varying forms […]

Quick guide to My VMware downloads – vRSLCM

Mike: Hi John, what’s up. You are a busy cloud admin! John: Hi Mike, I am just downloading product binaries to install/upgrade our VMware cloud    management products. Mike: OK. Are you using vRSLCM to install/upgrade those products? John: Yes. Mike: Then you could just register your My VMware account with vRSLCM. So that you […]

Accelerating Application Security with Network Insight and External Integrations

Using VMware NSX, your applications can be seamlessly secured, throughout your entire environment. Whether it be on-prem or in the cloud, NSX has got you covered. The journey to application security using NSX’s micro-segmentation can be significantly accelerated by using vRealize Network Insight. As you may know by now, Network Insight listens to everything going […]

What users had to say about vRealize Operations at VMworld EMEA 2018

At VMworld 2018, the IT Central Station team scoured the show floor, event sessions and the coffee stands with one goal: to find out what VMware customers really thought about  vRealize Operations (vROps).   As the leading site for enterprise technology user reviews, we are always looking for user feedback that can help our growing […]

Cloud Management Platform (CMP) – Intelligent Provisioning and Optimization

One of the main drivers of a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is to have the different solutions work together seamlessly.  That means the business, automation, compliance, operations, optimization, capacity, etc…  All these components need to work to provide you with a unified feel and flow.  Without that its really not much of a CMP…  its […]

ABX: Serverless extensibility of Cloud Assembly Services

Serverless Computing is an architectural approach for application development that emphasizes on the stateless function execution as a response of an event trigger. In order to take advantage of this approach one needs to actually make use of a runtime platform (a set of servers) to execute these stateless functions in (… and yes serverless […]