What’s New in vRealize Automation 7.6

  One of our missions at VMware is to provide the best in class private and multi-cloud management platform on the market. Having an easy to use, developer-ready, and quick time to value platform for automation is a critical factor to delivering services to your ever growing business. vRealize Automation is the flagship component for […]

What’s New in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 2.1?

Today we are proud to announce the upcoming release of VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 2.1, which will continue to refine how you install and manage the vRealize suite of products.   What is vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager? vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager automates install, configuration, upgrade, patch, configuration management, drift remediation and health from within […]

Trigger Pipelines From Docker Registry Updates in VMware Code Stream

  VMware Code Stream is one of the amazing services available as part of the VMware Cloud Automation Services offering. Code Stream is an application and infrastructure pipeline and release automation solution. You can model any kind of release process for any kind of software or infrastructure, implement blue/green, canary or rolling update delivery methods […]

What’s New in vRealize Operations 7.5?  A Technical Overview, Part 1

Remember when you thought vRealize Operations 7.0 was a giant release packed with goodness?  That was just the warm up.  Welcome to vRealize Operations 7.5 which contains so many new and improved features I will have to break this technical overview blog into four chunks, so you don’t break your mouse’s scroll wheel in one […]

Forwarding Kubernetes Logs to vRealize Log Insight via Fluentd

Credit to NICO GUERRERA for this blog post (Bio Below)!   As we all know, Kubernetes and container technologies are currently exploding in adoption in data centers and public clouds around the world. With such aggressive growth of this new technology, we need to make sure we properly operationalize it to ensure a successful deployment. A […]

EMPOWER 2019 US – Recommended Self-Driving Operations Sessions

EMPOWER 2019 (US) is just one week away! For VMware partners who sell, implement, deploy, or build on VMware solutions, EMPOWER is the #1 elite technical and sales training program for all things VMware. We’re really excited about the Self-Driving Operations sessions on the slate at EMPOWER this year. Learn how Self-Driving Operations solidifies VMware’s […]

What’s New in vRealize Operations 7.5?

Today we are proud to announce the upcoming release of VMware vRealize Operations 7.5, which will continue to refine the foundational “self-driving operations” vision established in the last two releases. The vision of Self-Driving Operations is to automate and simplify operations management by delivering on four primary tenets: Intent-driven continuous performance optimization Efficient capacity management […]

300% ROI in 3 Years; Payback in 3 Months: The Total Economic Impact of vRealize Operations

VMware vRealize Operations’ self-driving functionality delivers continuous, intent-based performance optimization, efficient capacity management, intelligent remediation, and integrated compliance. These capabilities are powerful tools for IT teams who want to simplify and automate operations to deliver value to the business in the form of increased visibility, agility and efficiency, as well as lower costs and risk. […]

What’s New in vRealize Automation 7.6 and vRealize Lifecycle Manager 2.1

Today we are excited to announce the upcoming release of vRealize Automation 7.6 and vRealize Lifecycle Manager 2.1, which continue to refine and enhance ease of use of our Cloud Management Platform and its integration with the broader SDDC.   What’s new in vRealize Automation 7.6 In this release of vRealize Automation, we are enhancing […]