A Day in the Life of IT Operations

Do you work in IT operations management? If so, do you ever feel like your job description should read “firefighter” sometimes? Maybe you’re struggling to stay ahead of the next crisis. Maybe you’ve read Gene Kim’s The Phoenix Project and thought the IT ops nightmares hit a little too close to home. Or maybe you’re […]

Integrations Available For VMware Code Stream

With VMware Code Stream you can speed software delivery and streamline troubleshooting with release pipelines and analytics. In this post we will go through many of the integrations that are possible with VMware Code Stream. You will see that there are SO many possibilities to interact with virtually any system to make advanced pipelines for […]

VMware Cloud Management Helps Sell 4 Million Avengers Tickets in India

What does VMware technology in general, and Cloud Management in particular, have to do with one of the most popular movie franchises in the world – The Avengers? Read this article from TechObserver to find out! Whether you are a fan of sci-fantasy type of movies, or prefer more realistic depiction of the reality – […]

VMware Cloud on AWS Infrastructure Visibility using Log intelligence

In the blog post, I will be exhibiting key capabilities of Log Intelligence which helps Customers gain operational insights into VMware Cloud on AWS environment VMware Cloud on AWS Service Overview VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) software to the AWS Cloud. It enables customers to run production across private, […]

Recarta IT Acquires Möbius Business Technologies

Today Recarta IT announces the acquisition of Möbius Business Technologies Limited and Mobius Holdings Limited for an undisclosed sum. The deal represents a major increase in Recarta IT’s partnership & capability as well as increasing its Enterprise client base in the UK. “Over the last 10 years Möbius Business Technologies has built a reputation for […]

Self-Driving Compliance Remediation with vRealize Operations 7.5

I have spoken to many customers who have been using the vRealize Operations Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator to add remediation actions using their own workflows to vRealize Operations. This provides practically limitless capability to automate routine, first-level runbook tasks and configuration management for SDDC components.  With vRealize Operations 7.5, we jointly released the 3.0 version […]

Creating Tags in NSX with Cloud Assembly

VMware Cloud Assembly provides the ability to add tags to VMware NSX logical switches (segments) when a private, routed, or outbound network type is selected in a blueprint. Tags are also added to existing and deployed load balancers, deployed virtual servers, server pools, application profiles, and monitor objects.  Why is this cool, you ask?  Tags can […]

Cloud Assembly Micro Feature – Code View

One of the major benefits of VMware Cloud Automation Services is that it’s hosted in SaaS. As we create enhancements for the platform, we can quickly get those features in front of you much faster. Some of those features are larger capabilities that are added to the product, however, there are many “smaller” features that get […]

Ansible Integration Comes to Cloud Assembly!

It’s not enough for platforms delver infrastructure anymore. Applications are first class citizens in Clouds, and customers have an expectation that automation delivers these applications in a configured state. The term behind this is frequently referred to as “Confguration Management”. Configuration Management can trigger many things – sometimes it might be compliance configurations on an […]

New Cloud Assembly Objects – Amazon DB and Amazon API Gateway

Infrastructure teams continue to move beyond Virtual Machines in favor of Cloud Native constructs. It’s hard to find a company that isn’t using Amazon S3 or Azure Blob storage for something today! One of the guiding concepts of Cloud Automation Services was being aware of how these Cloud Native Services are consumed within the platform. This […]