Performance of vRealize Operations REST APIs

About three years ago I posted a blog discussing the performance of the vRealize Operations REST APIs. That blog post still gets referenced, but I thought it was time to update since there have been overall platform performance improvements with each release and the original blog doesn’t address a specific question that I keep getting […]

Improved Application Awareness in vRealize Operations 8.0

Customers trust vRealize Operations for Self-Driving Operations powered by AI/ML to provide the best performance, optimize for efficiency and troubleshoot quickly. However, vRealize Operations doesn’t stop there, and if you aren’t already using the application aware monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities of this solution, you will probably change your mind after you read this blog. In […]

Extending vRealize Automation Custom Forms with vRealize Orchestrator

Within the vRealize Automation Service Broker is the Custom Forms designer which, much like previous versions of vRealize Automation, allows catalog administrators to create custom forms. These can be used to create a more dynamic and engaging user experience, especially for business users who may not have the knowledge (or desire) to make technical decisions. […]

The 10 Foundations of DevOps for Traditional Applications: Virtual Machines are Not Dead

Copyright © 2019 VMware, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1.1        Introduction Much has been written about the benefits of adopting containers and Kubernetes and about application refactoring and modernization to take advantage of the capabilities of these modern platforms. But what about cases where refactoring application code is either not possible or not worthwhile? Some examples could […]

vRealize Network Insight Search Poster for NSX-T

Continuing our Search Poster series, we’ve arrived at the NSX-T search poster! Using the search engine inside VMware vRealize Network Insight can be a revealing experience. It has every single bit of data you ever wanted to see about anything in your infrastructure and it’s available at your fingertips. Because of the vast amount of […]

Cloud Assembly Now Supports OpenShift Integration

  Vmware Cloud Management strategy is evolving very quickly these days. We are more and more opening our arms to integration with other platforms to be a control plane layer above as many aspects of multi-cloud environments as possible. Our latest integration to expand the platform to help IT operators maintain the ever grow landscape […]

Cloud Assembly VM Guest Management With Ansible

By Darryl Cauldwell, VMware Solution Architect Advanced Customer Engagement Project Team: Amanda Blevins, Mandy Botsko-Wilson, Carlos Boyd, Darryl Cauldwell, Paul Chang, Kim Delgado, Dustin Ellis, Jason Karnes, Phoebe Kim, Andy Knight, Chris Mutchler, Nikolay Nikolov, Michael Patton, Raghu Pemmaraju vRealize Automation Cloud VMware vRealize Automation Cloud is a product suite comprising of three separate modules, […]

vExpert Cloud Management October 2019 Blog Digest

  VMware’s vExpert program is made up of industry professionals from around the vCommunity. The vExpert title is awarded to individuals who dedicate their time outside of work to share their experiences and useful information about VMware products with the rest of the community. In July of 2019, we spun off a sub-program called vExpert […]

Frustrated Managing Your Cloud Environment?

Are you frustrated managing your private, hybrid, public or multi-cloud environment? Is the tool you have now not working for your environment today? If you’re thinking about switching vendors and don’t know where to start, or if you’re using a cloud management tool but not sure of all the capabilities, the VMware Cloud Management Buyer’s […]