Introducing the vRealize Network Insight Search Exchange

I’m very excited to introduce the vRealize Network Insight Search Exchange! What is it, you ask? In a nutshell, the Search Exchange is an online community where you can find 100s of different searches that can be used inside vRealize Network Insight. If you’re not aware, vRealize Network Insight has a mighty search engine that […]

Monitoring Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Logs with vRealize Log Insight Cloud

Many companies need to monitor services and applications across numerous platforms and devices. Consequently, this can be difficult without common tools across clouds. If you are managing and monitoring a multi-cloud environment, you are not alone and VMware is here to help. vRealize Log Insight Cloud creates structure from unstructured data and supports monitoring Google […]

vExpert Cloud Management January 2021 Blog Digest

Hello everyone and welcome to another vExpert Cloud Management Monthly Blog Digest! This month we’re pleased to bring you even more awesome blogs from across the globe written by the vExpert Cloud Management community. Topics include getting started with vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Automation, using vRealize Operations to optimize migrations, monitoring power consumption with […]

What’s New in vRealize Log Insight Cloud – February 2021 Update

The latest release of vRealize Log Insight Cloud has some exciting updates to alert management and additional public cloud support. Take alerting to the next level with new alert classifications and add up to four trigger condition values with multiple notification types at each level. You can send alerts to a dashboard, email, instant message, or use webhooks for 3rd party integration. You can include information in the alert notification so administrators can follow instructions or remediate with steps provided within the alert. This release also includes support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) logs as we round […]

New vRealize Livestream

We’ve been biting our tongues for far too long on this one. It’s finally time we tell you about a brand-new way to interact with the team behind VMware’s vRealize Suite. Join us for vRealize This Live on VMware’s Cloud Management Youtube Channel on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021 at 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific. We’ll be […]

What’s New with vRealize Orchestrator 8.3 – Technical Overview

In version 8.3 vRealize Orchestrator has introduced a new set of capabilities around usability and security, here they are some of the highlights: Viewer role. References and usage of content items. Usability improvements.  Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Support. Let’s take a closer look: Viewer role. This new role includes view-only access to all vRealize […]

vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly’s new feature Secure Properties

Looking for resources about Secure Properties in Cloud Assembly I bumped into an internal VMware blog by Kristina Zhelyazkova which explains it extremely well and I thought our customers and partners could benefit greatly from that blog, so with the appropriate permission I am transcribing the blog here for all public benefit, and once again […]

vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly’s IaaS API

Hey, guys! Let’s talk about the best way for you to automate the use of the VMware product vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly – by utilizing the Cloud Assembly IaaS API. In this blog, you’re going to learn about: What is the Cloud Assembly IaaS API and for what purposes you can use it How to […]

#vRealizeChat: Meet vRealize Cloud Universal

On Thursday January 28, the VMware Cloud Management team hosted a #vRealizeChat introducing the newest member of the vRealize Family: vRealize Cloud Universal. To discuss this solution, we asked our questions to a panel of experts, including John Dias, Thomas Bryant and Gabriel Martinez. Read on to catch up on what we discussed, and stay […]

Tenant Migration with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.3

vRealize Lifecycle Manager 8.3 allows customers on existing vRealize Automation 7.5 and 7.6 deployments to migrate tenants and tenant data to vRealize Automation 8.2 Patch 1 or higher. This compliments the migration process available with vRealize Automation Migration Assistant. Used together, customers can now easily migrate their tenants (i.e. directories, custom groups, etc) as well […]