What’s NEW! vRealize Log Insight Cloud (December 2021)

Another month, another set of exciting features for vRealize Log Insight Cloud! As you may already know, we have rapid delivery of vRealize Log Insight Cloud capabilities with a monthly cadence for your business needs. Let’s jump right into it….. Expanded Regional Availability New geographic availability in Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Japan). This will be in […]

vExpert Cloud Management October 2021 Blog Digest

October was a very busy month for VMware and the community starting with VMworld and the whirlwind of announcements that come with it. The vExpert Cloud Management community also got special sneak previews of the latest releases of vRealize Cloud Management products as well as VMware Skyline Pro which you can read about in the […]

Automating App Monitoring

Do you want to offer vRealize Automation Service Broker users the option to have their applications monitored by vRealize Operations automatically? vRealize Operations provides application monitoring to provide guest OS and application service metrics in context with the virtual machines and other resources related to your business applications. This requires a Telegraf agent to be […]

On-demand Workload Clusters on vSphere with Tanzu using Cloud Assembly

The capability to manage vSphere 7’s Supervisor Namespaces and on-demand creation of Supervisor Namespaces through Cloud Assembly has been part of vRealize Automation Cloud since the July 2020 release (or the 8.2 release premises). With the launch of vRealize Automation Cloud (Nov 2021/8.6.1 on-premises) we’re excited to announce the capability to create on-demand Workload Clusters […]

Enabling Self-Service Kubernetes Automation with vRealize Automation and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

Welcome to the VMware vRealize Automation, November 2021 Launch! As the state of multi-cloud computing continues to shape today’s enterprises, this month’s launch features new capabilities around Kubernetes automation and resource policies to reduce management complexity that comes with your evolving multi-cloud infrastructure environments. Self-Service Kubernetes Automation with VMware vRealize Automation While Kubernetes has been […]

Announcing Integration for VMware vRealize Automation and VMware Carbon Black Cloud

Today we’re thrilled to announce the VMware vRealize Automation SaltStack SecOps integration with VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload. This new integration allows VMware customers to combine intelligent vulnerability insight from Carbon Black Cloud Workload with powerful IT automation from vRealize Automation SaltStack SecOps for closed-loop detection and remediation of dangerous vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. By integrating […]

Test Drive new features in vRealize Operations Cloud!

vRealize Operations Cloud is now a fully integrated experience within VMware Cloud on AWS and with its one-click activation, you’ll be able to enjoy the SaaS service without needing to install a cloud proxy or configure a cloud account! The built-in, in-product guided tours and customer journey maps help with quick onboarding and initial configurations that […]

Test Drive new features in vRealize Log Insight Cloud!

Time is of the essence. When your datacenter runs into issues, IT Ops teams must resolve issues before failures or outages occur and DevOps teams must push code faster so business applications are running at peak performance. But in order to react these issues in real-time and be able to proactively remediate problems before they […]

3 Areas to Automate During your Free vRealize Automation Cloud Trial

Automating repetitive tasks has been catalyzing human innovation since at least the 18th century and the industrial revolution. Automation brings benefits across quality and speed making scale possible. It also emancipates people from low-level routine tasks allowing them to focus on higher value-adding and more strategic activities. But what should we automate? I recently came […]

5 Reasons to try vRealize Network Insight Cloud

A lot of innovation has been built into vRealize Network Insight Cloud this past year to help improve application performance and network visibility across VMware Cloud with existing infrastructure. This innovation was designed for customers looking for scalable modern network monitoring and analytics for their infrastructure. Now is a great time to start the 30-day […]